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  Columbia Cycling Club (Columbia, TN)
2007 Club Information
Club Name: Columbia Cycling Club
Team Name: Columbia Cycling Club
Location: Columbia, TN
Club Contact:  
Contact Email:  

  2007 Races Promoted by Columbia Cycling Club
2007-01-13Cyclocross2007 Columbia Cyclocross Series #1
2007-01-14Cyclocross2007 Columbia Cyclocross Series #2
2007-01-27Cyclocross2007 Columbia Cyclocross Series #3
2007-01-28Cyclocross2007 Columbia Cyclocross Series #4
2007-03-25MountainSERC #2 - Chickasaw Trace Classic
2008-01-05CyclocrossColumbia Cyclocross Series #1
2008-01-06CyclocrossColumbia Cyclocross Series #2
2008-01-19CyclocrossColumbia Cyclocross Series #3
2008-01-20CyclocrossColumbia Cyclocross Series #4

2007 BAR Award Winners
  Columbia Cycling Club
TBRA BAR Series Jersey
1st Place (BAR Jersey)
MountainMen Cat 1 30-39Tom Spence
MountainMen Cat 2 19-29Bill Moore
MountainMen 50+Bill Buckingham
MountainJunior 15 & OverTaylor Ladd
CyclocrossCX Cat 4Jeremy Hall
CyclocrossCX Masters 35+Tom Spence
2nd Place
MountainMen Cat 2 30-39Jeremy Hall
MountainSingle SpeedDavid Reed
CyclocrossCX Masters 35+Joseph (Todd) Clifton
3rd Place
MountainMen Cat 2 40+Francis Fessler

  2007 State Championship Jersey Winners
  Columbia Cycling Club
TBRA State Championship Jersey
CyclocrossCX Masters 35+Tom Spence

  2007 USA Cycling TN District Medal Winners
  Columbia Cycling Club
CyclocrossCX Masters 35+Tom Spence
Road RaceJunior (17-18)Bill Moore
CyclocrossCX Cat 4Jeremy Hall
  2007 Team Roster

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