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  Tri-Cities Road Club (Johnson City, TN)
2008 Club Information
Club Name: Tri-Cities Road Club
Team Name: Tri-Cities Road Club
Location: Johnson City, TN
Club Contact:  
Contact Email:  
  2008 Teams

  2008 Race Results
  Due to the mid-year introduction of the new results database,
only select 2008 race results are included in this listing.

2008 BAR Award Winners TBRA BAR Series Jersey
1st Place (BAR Jersey)
CyclocrossCX Cat 4Mike Mefford
CyclocrossCX Junior (10-14)Jesse Stidham
CyclocrossCX Junior (15-18)Alex Dayton
2nd Place
RoadMasters Men (40-49)Jay Westbrook
CyclocrossCX Women 1/2/3Kim Bishop
3rd Place
RoadSenior Men Category 3Jeremy Keller
RoadSenior Men Category 4Thomas Lambert
RoadMasters Men (50-59)Perry Cannon
RoadJunior (9-14)Taylor White
RoadJunior (15-16)Alex Dayton
CyclocrossCX Pro/1/2Michael Seek
CyclocrossCX Junior (10-14)Jared Lambert
CyclocrossCX Women 4Robin Roark

  2008 State Championship Jersey Winners TBRA State Championship Jersey
CriteriumSenior Men Category 3Jeremy Keller
CriteriumMasters Men (50-59)Perry Cannon

  2008 USA Cycling TN District Medal Winners
Time TrialMasters Women (65-69)Barbara Bogart
CriteriumSenior Men Category 3Jeremy Keller
CriteriumMasters Men (50-54)Perry Cannon
Road RaceJunior (13-14)Taylor White
Time TrialSenior Men Category 3Zachary Nave
Time TrialJunior (9-12)Jared Lambert
CriteriumMasters Men (55-59)Darryl Muck
CriteriumJunior (13-14)Jesse Stidham
Road RaceJunior (13-14)Jesse Stidham
Time TrialJunior (13-14)Taylor White
CriteriumJunior (9-12)Jared Lambert
CriteriumJunior (13-14)Taylor White
  2008 Club Roster