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Velo Bella - Kona TN

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  Velo Bella - Kona TN (Nashville, TN)
2008 Club Information
Club Name: Velo Bella - Kona TN
Team Name: Velo Bella - Kona TN
Location: Nashville, TN
Club Contact:  
Contact Email:  
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  2008 Races Promoted by Velo Bella - Kona TN
2008-06-08MountainYoung Life Mousetail Challenge (co-promoter)

  2008 Race Results
  Velo Bella - Kona TN
  Due to the mid-year introduction of the new results database,
only select 2008 race results are included in this listing.

2008 BAR Award Winners
  Velo Bella - Kona TN
TBRA BAR Series Jersey
1st Place (BAR Jersey)
MountainWomen Pro/1Jennifer Morehead
2nd Place
MountainMaster Women Sport 30+Angela Brown
3rd Place
MountainWomen Cat 3Amber Favorite
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