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  SVMIC Cycling (Brentwood, TN)
2009 Club Information
Club Name: SVMIC Cycling
Team Name: SVMIC Cycling
Location: Brentwood, TN
Club Contact:  
Contact Email:  
  2009 Teams

  2009 Races Promoted by SVMIC Cycling
2009-05-16RoadHighland Rim Cycling Classic - RR (co-promoter)
2009-05-16RoadHighland Rim Cycling Classic - TT (co-promoter)
2009-05-17RoadHighland Rim Cycling Classic - Crit (co-promoter)
2009-05-17RoadHighland Rim Cycling Classic - Overall (co-promoter)
2009-09-26CyclocrossBeat the Freak Cyclocross Series #1
2009-09-27CyclocrossBeat the Freak Cyclocross Series #2
2009-10-17CyclocrossBeat the Freak Cyclocross Series #3
2009-10-18CyclocrossBeat the Freak Cyclocross Series #4
2009-10-24CyclocrossBeat the Freak Cyclocross Series #5
2009-10-25CyclocrossBeat the Freak Cyclocross Series #6

  2009 Race Results

2009 BAR Award Winners
3rd Place
CyclocrossCX Masters 45+Chris Daffin

  2009 State Championship Jersey Winners TBRA State Championship Jersey
Road RaceMasters Men (50-59)Chris Daffin

  2009 USA Cycling TN District Medal Winners
Road RaceMasters Men (50-54)Chris Daffin
Time TrialMasters Men (50-54)Chris Daffin
Road RaceMasters Men (30-34)Ben Reed
Road RaceMasters Men (35-39)Todd Huber
Time TrialMasters Men (40-44)Richard Freeman
  2009 Club Roster