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  Stanky Creek Cycling (Memphis, TN)
2015 Club Information
Club Name: Stanky Creek Cycling
Team Name: Stanky Creek Cycling
Location: Memphis, TN
Club Contact:  
Contact Email:  
  2015 Teams

  2015 Races Promoted by Stanky Creek Cycling
2015-08-15MountainLegend of Stanky Creek - TT
2015-08-16MountainLegend of Stanky Creek - XC (TN State Championship)

  2015 Race Results
  Stanky Creek Cycling

2015 BAR Award Winners
  Stanky Creek Cycling
TBRA BAR Series Jersey
1st Place (BAR Jersey)
MountainMen Cat 2 19-29samuel dennison
3rd Place
MountainMen Cat 2 30-39Wes Hale
MountainWomen Cat 2Christina Herring

  2015 State Championship Jersey Winners
  Stanky Creek Cycling
TBRA State Championship Jersey
Cross CountryMen Cat 2 19-29samuel dennison

  2015 USA Cycling TN District Medal Winners
  Stanky Creek Cycling
Cross CountryMen Cat 2 19-29samuel dennison
Cross CountryMen Cat 3 30-39Andy Hale
Cross CountryMen Cat 3 40+Larry Kuhtz
Cross CountryWomen Cat 3Margaret Drew
Cross CountryMen Cat 2 30-39Joshua Throckmorton
Cross CountryMen Cat 3 30-39Anthony Longo
Cross CountryWomen Cat 2Christina Herring
Cross CountryMen Cat 2 19-29David Le

  2015 Team Roster