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  MOAB Masters Racing (Nashville, TN)
2015 Club Information
Club Name: MOAB / Middle TN Velo
Team Name: MOAB Masters Racing
Location: Nashville, TN
Club Contact:  
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  2015 Races Promoted by MOAB / Middle TN Velo
2015-10-10CyclocrossMOAB CX #1
2015-10-11CyclocrossMOAB CX #2 (TN State Championship)
2015-10-24RoadCalfkiller Ride To The Sky
2015-12-19CyclocrossCross the Harpeth

  2015 Race Results
  MOAB Masters Racing

2015 BAR Award Winners
  MOAB Masters Racing
TBRA BAR Series Jersey
1st Place (BAR Jersey)
RoadMasters 50+ (Cat 3-5)Tony Adair
2nd Place
RoadMasters 60+ (Cat 3-5)Robert Gregory

  2015 State Championship Jersey Winners
  MOAB Masters Racing
TBRA State Championship Jersey
Time TrialMasters 60+ (Cat 3-5)Robert Gregory
CriteriumMasters 60+ (Cat 3-5)Robert Gregory

  2015 USA Cycling TN District Medal Winners
  MOAB Masters Racing
Road RaceElite Masters Men (45-49)Keith Knittle
Time TrialMasters Men (55-59)Chris Daffin
Time TrialMasters Men (60-64)Robert Gregory
CriteriumMasters 60-64 (Cat 3-5)Robert Gregory
Road RaceMasters 50-54 (Cat 3-5)Tony Adair
Road RaceMasters 55-59 (Cat 3-5)Chris Daffin
Road RaceMasters 60-64 (Cat 3-5)Robert Gregory
Time TrialMasters Men (50-54)Tony Adair
CriteriumMasters 55-59 (Cat 3-5)Chris Daffin
CyclocrossCX Masters 55+Chris Daffin

  2015 Team Roster