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  Lift Center Racing (Jackson , TN)
2017 Club Information
Club Name: Lift Center Racing
Team Name: Lift Center Racing
Location: Jackson , TN
Club Contact: Timothy Taylor
Contact Email:
Online: USA Cycling Club Page      
  2017 Teams

  2017 Races Promoted by Lift Center Racing
2017-06-10RoadTN State Championship Time Trial (co-promoter)
2017-06-17RoadRockabilly Gran Prix - Overall (co-promoter)
2017-06-17RoadRockabilly Gran Prix - Road Race (co-promoter)
2017-06-17RoadRockabilly Gran Prix - Time Trial (co-promoter)
2017-06-18RoadRockabilly Gran Prix - Criterium (co-promoter)
2017-07-29RoadEspinazo Del Diablo

  2017 Race Results
  Lift Center Racing

  2017 State Championship Jersey Winners
  Lift Center Racing
TBRA State Championship Jersey
Time TrialSenior Men Category 3Georg Pingen
Time TrialMasters Men (50-59)Timothy Taylor
Time TrialJunior (9-14)Jacob Pingen

  2017 USA Cycling TN District Medal Winners
  Lift Center Racing
Time TrialSenior Men Category 3Georg Pingen
Time TrialMasters Men (40-44)Justin Lowe
Time TrialMasters Men (55-59)Timothy Taylor
Time TrialMasters Men (65-69)Thomas Gee
Time TrialJunior (9-12)Jacob Pingen
CriteriumJunior (9-12)Jacob Pingen
Time TrialSenior Men Category 3David Piercey
Time TrialJunior (9-12)Zachary Lowe
Time TrialMerckx - Men (40k)Vibora Lim
CriteriumSenior Men Category 3Georg Pingen
CriteriumMasters Men (65-69)Thomas Gee
CriteriumJunior (9-12)Zachary Lowe
CriteriumJunior (13-14)Taylor Murphy
CriteriumMasters Men (40-44)Justin Lowe
CriteriumMasters Men (55-59)Timothy Taylor

  2017 Team Roster

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