2017 TBRA Race Results

Legend of Stanky Creek - XC
Bartlett, TN
Aug 13, 2017

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Men Pro / Cat 1 (Open)
Men Cat 1 40+
Men Cat 2 15-39
Men Cat 2 40+
Men Cat 3 19-39
Men Cat 3 40+
Men 50+ Combined
Junior Male 14 & Under
Junior 14 & Under Female
Junior Male 15 & Over
Single Speed
Women Pro/1
Women Cat 2
Women Cat 3

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Men Pro / Cat 1 (Open)
1.Hart Robinson (Los Locos)
2.Blair Miller
3.John Donnelly
4.Graham Notestine
5.David Evans
6.Brandon Lee (University of Mississippi)
7.Chase Peeler (Los Locos)
8.Robert Weakley (Los Locos)
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Men Cat 1 40+
1.Chad Lirette
2.Gib Morehead (Lift Center Racing)
3.Joe Swanson (NinetyWest Racing)
4.Stephen Franklin (Los Locos)
5.Ricardo Portillo
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Men Cat 2 15-39
1.Joshua Darling (901 Racing)
2.Dustin Weida (BPC Cycling)
3.Carson Harrington (Stanky Creek Cycling)
4.Toby Fanning (Stanky Creek Cycling)
5.William ( Drew) White (MOAB Racing)
6.Jonathan Ertz
7.James Meredith
8.Connelly Pierce
9.Logan Karr (Stanky Creek Cycling)
10.Willis Porter (Los Locos)
11.collin johnson (Stanky Creek Cycling)
12.Andy Hale (Stanky Creek Cycling)
13.Shawn James
14.wes bennett (Stanky Creek Cycling)
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Men Cat 2 40+
1.Wes Hale (Stanky Creek Cycling)
2.Robert Ledford
3.Garry Ecdao (Stanky Creek Cycling)
4.Charles Flanigan (Journeymen Racing Multisport)
5.Damian Brandt
6.Don Jardinico (Stanky Creek Cycling)
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Men Cat 3 19-39
1.Ryan Reed
2.Zachry Walters
3.Gabriel Ecos
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Men Cat 3 40+
1.Kurt VanCleave (Journeymen Racing Multisport)
2.chad mackiewicz
3.Thomas Gentry
4.Wesley Pennel
5.Justin Allen
6.Edward DeMoll
7.Robert Dean
8.Chris Payne
9.Michael Gerstner
10.John Barrett
11.Tim Gyovai
12.Guy Guasco (Stanky Creek Cycling)
13.Peter Ecos
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Men 50+ Combined
1.Rick Harmon (MOAB shop CREW team )
2.Rick Harris (Hattie B's Racing)
3.Paul Hart (Stanky Creek Cycling)
4.Robert White (MOAB Racing)
5.Treg Warner
6.Craig Russell (Stanky Creek Cycling)
7.Butch Carter (MOAB Racing)
8.Stephen Carr (Nashville Local Cycling)
9.Kris Whitson (Stanky Creek Cycling)
10.Alan Balsam (Stanky Creek Cycling)
11.Jeff Robinson
12.Robert Bussenger
13.Ken Graham (Journeymen Racing Multisport)
14.William Baker
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Junior Male 14 & Under
1.Brent Allgyer
2.Davis Glidewell
3.andrew Mascari
4.Roman Shilling
5.Ryan McTigue
6.Omar Ramirez
7.Adrian Shihaibar
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Junior 14 & Under Female
1.Presleigh Jennings (Paducah Running and Cycling Company)
2.Shelbi Fields (Switchback Racing)
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Junior Male 15 & Over
1.Matthew Carr (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.Keyton Rush (Nashville Local Cycling)
3.Jackson Allen (True Performance Junior Development/ ...)
4.Connor DeMoll
5.Daniel Ecos
6.Thomas Mascari
7.Michael Mundy
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Single Speed
1.Richie Slagle (Lift Center Racing)
2.David Collins (Los Locos)
3.Scott Marx (Hattie B's Racing)
4.Nikolaus Hagedorn (Stanky Creek Cycling)
5.Frank Martin
6.Andy Hill
7.Joshua Throckmorton (Stanky Creek Cycling)
8.Shayne Smith
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Women Pro/1
1.Kayley Burdine
2.Christie Brinker (Wood -N- Wave)
3.Kayla Hammel (Dan's Comp Factory Racing)
4.Virginia Solomon
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Women Cat 2
1.Lucia Colbert (Los Locos)
2.Margaret Drew (Stanky Creek Cycling)
3.Michelle Adams (Rogue Velo Racing)
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Women Cat 3
1.Ariel Guthery
2.Elizabeth Hayes
3.Ronda Jacoby (Switchback Racing)
4.Lena Manning
5.Holly Stuart
6.Maggie Canady (Memphis Velo)

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