2017 TBRA Race Results

Tiger Lane Crit Series - Week #2 (Saturday)
Memphis, TN
Apr 15, 2017

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Men Pro/1/2/3
Senior Men Category 3/4
Senior Men Category 4/5
Senior Men Category 5
Masters Men 35+/45+
Masters Men 50+/60+
Juniors (9-18)
Senior Women Category 1-3
Senior Women Category 4/5

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Men Pro/1/2/3
1.Patrick Walle (I Am Racing)
2.David Koonce (MOAB Masters Racing)
3.Russell Griffin (NINOX Racing Team)
4.Michaelee Bowes (Nashville Local Cycling)
5.Will Stoffel (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
6.Derek Morgan (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
7.Joshua Darling (901 Racing)
8.Doug Zell (Intelligentsia Coffee)
9.Paul Halupka (I Am Racing)
10.Ian Umstead (Volharden/WRA Development)
11.Georg Pingen (Lift Center Racing)
12.Aston Haswell (Team Cadence Cyclery p/b MINI of Plano)
13.David Richardson (I Am Racing)
14.Jack White (Palmer/CSpire Fiber Cycling)
15.Dale Sanford (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
16.Arvin Jansen (I Am Racing)
17.Richie Slagle (Lift Center Racing)
18.Nicholas Nichols (Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling))
19.Taylor Herron (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
20.Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
21.Nathan Stone (I Am Racing)
22.Madison Joiner (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
23.Mac Johnson (901 Racing)
24.Christian Madrid (Lift Center Racing)
DNFLucas Muniz (Palmer/CSpire Fiber Cycling)
DNFPeter Reed (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
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Senior Men Category 3/4
1.Derek Morgan (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
2.Aston Haswell (Team Cadence Cyclery p/b MINI of Plano)
3.Taylor Herron (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
4.Chuck Bolton (901 Racing)
5.Paul Halupka (I Am Racing)
6.James Gillum (Bike Lab Racing Team)
7.Jack White (Palmer/CSpire Fiber Cycling)
8.Georg Pingen (Lift Center Racing)
9.Pete Dawkins
10.Scott Hall
11.Kirk Grynwald (Pinnacle Velo)
12.Paul Haanschoten (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
13.Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
14.Kirsten Sass (Team WE p/b Gran Fondo Cycles)
15.William Watts (Pinnacle Velo)
16.Alexander Stevens (US Military Endurance Sports )
17.Bailey Bell (Lift Center Racing)
18.Mark Newman (901 Racing)
19.Thomas Garner (Los Locos)
20.Jeff Fejfar (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
21.Craig Demoss (NinetyWest Racing)
22.Neil Simmons (Pinnacle Velo)
23.Madison Joiner (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
24.Jeffrey Warner (Lift Center Racing)
25.Joe Swanson (NinetyWest Racing)
26.Terrance Boxx (Lift Center Racing)
27.Chase Peeler (Los Locos)
28.Matthew Hall
29.Jeff Buse (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
30.Bart Ryan (CSpire Fiber Cycling )
31.Will Tribble
32.David Clark (NinetyWest Racing)
33.Tyler Porter (Lift Center Racing)
34.Barry Taylor
35.Drew Lefmann
36.John Speight (I Am Racing)
37.Christian Madrid (Lift Center Racing)
38.Matthew Slavick (BPC Cycling)
39.Stuart Janssen (BPC Cycling)
40.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
41.Chris Copeland (901 Racing)
DNFJames Butler (Lift Center Racing)
DNFEmmet Hogan
DNFChris Lincoln (CSpire Fiber Cycling )
DNFKevin Murphy (901 Racing)
DNFJeremiah Stoller (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFPhillip Young (Los Locos)
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Senior Men Category 4/5
1.Jeremiah Stoller (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.Chase Peeler (Los Locos)
3.Brandon Thornton (Pinnacle Velo)
4.Thomas Garner (Los Locos)
5.Doug Earthman (Los Locos)
6.Adolfo Cordova (Pinnacle Velo)
7.Richard Wu (BPC Cycling)
8.Bailey Bell (Lift Center Racing)
9.Rod Yates (BPC Cycling)
10.Jerad Henson (BPC Cycling)
11.John Speight (I Am Racing)
12.William Watts (Pinnacle Velo)
13.Will Tribble
14.Pete Dawkins
15.Adam Firrone (BPC Cycling)
16.Matthew Slavick (BPC Cycling)
17.Sean Fagan (BPC Cycling)
18.Dwayne Accardo (BPC Cycling)
19.Scott Silvers (BPC Cycling)
20.Mark Green (BPC Cycling)
21.David Evans
22.Rob Bonner (NinetyWest Racing)
23.Phillip Young (Los Locos)
24.Gib Morehead (Lift Center Racing)
25.Tyler Porter (Lift Center Racing)
26.Matt Mackey
27.Jadden Mooty
28.Daniel Wickliff (Cirque du Velos Powered by Peddler B ...)
29.David Clark (NinetyWest Racing)
30.Collin Johnson
31.Chris Mueller
32.Drew Lefmann
33.Stephen Waldrip (Journeymen Racing Multisport)
34.Jason Warren (Pinnacle Velo)
35.Lukas Hooper (901 Racing)
36.Hays Patrick (BPC Cycling)
37.Charles Jones
38.Christopher Baker
39.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
40.Taylor Campbell
41.David Collins (Los Locos)
42.Mark Kelley
DNFJames Butler (Lift Center Racing)
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Senior Men Category 5
1.Taylor Campbell
2.Jerad Henson (BPC Cycling)
3.David Evans
4.Doug Earthman (Los Locos)
5.Charles Jones
6.Daniel Wickliff (Cirque du Velos Powered by Peddler B ...)
7.Tyler Kenyon
8.Christopher Baker
9.Matt Mackey
10.Collin Johnson
11.Troy Raiteri
12.Jason Warren (Pinnacle Velo)
13.Evan Rogers
14.Toby Fanning
15.Shawn McKinney (Journeymen Racing Multisport)
16.Mark Kelley
17.Jeff Hughey (BPC Cycling)
18.Rick Bailey
19.Richard Stegura (Journeymen Racing Multisport)
20.Stephen Waldrip (Journeymen Racing Multisport)
DNFRufus Graham
DNFAustin Magruder (Team West End Bikes)
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Masters Men 35+/45+
1.Bryant Funston (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
2.David Koonce (MOAB Masters Racing)
3.Will Stoffel (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
4.Kirk Grynwald (Pinnacle Velo)
5.James Gilliam
6.Brandon Thornton (Pinnacle Velo)
7.Neil Simmons (Pinnacle Velo)
8.Jeff Buse (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
9.Nathan Stone (I Am Racing)
10.Adolfo Cordova (Pinnacle Velo)
11.Miles Fortas
12.Terrance Boxx (Lift Center Racing)
13.Tim Moore (901 Racing)
14.Chris Lincoln (CSpire Fiber Cycling )
15.Shane Collins (Free Flite Masters)
16.Scott Silvers (BPC Cycling)
DNFJeff Fejfar (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
DNFGib Morehead (Lift Center Racing)
DNFMatt West (901 Racing)
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Masters Men 50+/60+
1.Brett Shanaman (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
2.Sean Fagan (BPC Cycling)
3.Tim Taylor (Lift Center Racing)
4.Chuck Bolton (901 Racing)
5.Rod Yates (BPC Cycling)
6.Greg Halliday (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
7.Tom Gee (Lift Center Racing)
8.Mark Newman (901 Racing)
9.Vibora Lim (Lift Center Racing)
10.Dale Chrystie (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
11.Ben Pope (901 Racing)
12.Matthew Hall
13.Barry Bean (Cape Bicycle and Fitness)
14.Paul Haanschoten (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
15.Mark Green (BPC Cycling)
16.Kenneth Wallace (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFTim Bowen
DNFTim Brennan
DNFSteve Fermanich (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
DNFCecil McDonald
DNFRandy McKinnon (Lift Center Racing)
DNFPete Sully (901 Racing)
DNFBarry Taylor
DNFWilliam Yonkowski
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Juniors (9-18)
1.Arvin Jansen (I Am Racing)
2.Matthew Slavick (BPC Cycling)
3.Jadden Mooty
4.Wilson McGill
5.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
6.Gracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)
7.Jacob Pingen (Lift Center Racing)
8.Seth Lasley (Team Soundpony)
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Senior Women Category 1-3
1.Kirsten Sass (Team WE p/b Gran Fondo Cycles)
2.Marda Kaiser Rehnelt (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
3.Wendy Fejfar (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
4.Pam Tate (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
5.Gracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)
6.Virginia Solomon
DNFMackenzie Collins (Stradalli/Wizard Racing Development ...)
DNFSally Landham (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
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Senior Women Category 4/5
1.Laura Mathews (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
2.Mary Haizlip (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
3.Miranda Melton (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
4.Nikki Balderson (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
5.Shannon Cook (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
6.Brittany Fisher (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
7.Tracy Coleman (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
8.Christina Henson (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
9.Cindy Clark (Journeymen Racing Multisport)
10.Megan Davis

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