2017 TBRA Race Results

Knoxie Crits 2017 - Week #1
Knoxville, TN
May 10, 2017

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A Race
1.Clay Murfet (Crit Life)
2.Brandon Feehery (Crit Life)
3.Dustin Antrican (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.Ross Martin (VELOSOPHY)
5.David Hixson (MOAB Masters Racing)
6.Kenny Baker (VELOSOPHY)
7.Michael Lesmerises (Knoxville Bicycle / Aubrey's Restaurants)
8.Thomas Evans (Harper Auto)
9.Gregory Miller (Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling))
10.Austin Williams (Harper Auto)
11.Maria Danker (Hicks Orthodontics Women's Racing)
12.David Hoffman (MOAB Masters Racing)
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B Race
1.Steven Bacon (Micro Metals/Bike Zoo)
2.David Hoffman (MOAB Masters Racing)
3.Michael Lesmerises (Knoxville Bicycle / Aubrey's Restaurants)
4.Austin Williams (Harper Auto)
5.Ann Mallin (Nashville Local Cycling)
6.Dustin Antrican (Nashville Local Cycling)
7.Bill Broussard (Micro Metals/Bike Zoo)
8.Bruce Boles
9.Gregory Miller (Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling))
10.Maria Danker (Hicks Orthodontics Women's Racing)
11.Vick Dyer (Micro Metals/Bike Zoo)
12.Hunter Connell (Bike N' Tri - Health Factory Race Team)
13.Ross Martin (VELOSOPHY)
14.Kenny Baker (VELOSOPHY)
15.Amanda Calvird (Hicks Orthodontics Women's Racing)
16.Moose Halstead (Bike N' Tri - Health Factory Race Team)
17.David Thomas (Micro Metals/Bike Zoo)
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C Race
1.Austin Williams (Harper Auto)
2.Bruce Boles
3.Hunter Connell (Bike N' Tri - Health Factory Race Team)
4.Doug Sharp (Harper Auto)
5.William Fruecht
6.Michaela Hall (Nashville Local Cycling)
7.Zane Dukes (Knoxville Bicycle / Aubrey's Restaurants)
8.Brad Pearman
9.Lana Burl (Hicks Orthodontics Women's Racing)
10.Brad Webb
11.Michael Barto (Knoxville Bicycle / Aubrey's Restaurants)
12.Buran Phillips (VELOSOPHY)
13.Allison Falin (Hicks Orthodontics Women's Racing)
14.Tom Pohlman (Knoxville Bicycle / Aubrey's Restaurants)
15.Moose Halstead (Bike N' Tri - Health Factory Race Team)
16.Sharon Deane (Hicks Orthodontics Women's Racing)
17.David Thomas (Micro Metals/Bike Zoo)
18.Marshall Stout
19.Guodong Ma
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D Race
1.Caitlin Stout
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1.Mark Peet (Harper Auto)

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