2017 TBRA Race Results

Clarksville Cyclocross Challenge
Clarksville, TN
Oct 28, 2017

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CX Pro/1/2/3
CX Cat 3
CX Cat 4/5
CX Masters
CX Junior (9-18)
CX Single Speed
CX Women 1/2/3
CX Women 4/5

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CX Pro/1/2/3
1.Alan Mittelsdorf (Hattie B's Racing)
2.Alistair Sponsel (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
3.Alessandro Zanetti
4.Paul Carter (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
5.John Carr (Hattie B's Racing)
6.Paul Gates (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
7.Ben Kettle (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
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CX Cat 3
1.Alessandro Zanetti
2.Paul Carter (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
3.John Carr (Hattie B's Racing)
4.Matthew Thompson (I Am Racing)
5.Chris Daffin (MOAB Masters Racing)
6.John Marr (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
7.Jean-Paul McNeely
8.James Waller (Ride615 Development)
9.David Richardson (MOAB Racing)
DNFMarshall Bassett (MOAB Masters Racing)
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CX Cat 4/5
1.Justin Conolty
2.Justin Perry (Harper Auto)
3.Ross Davis
4.Mike Hopkins (Cycle Haus Racing)
5.Benjamin McIntosh
6.Brad Taylor (Journeymen Racing Multisport)
7.Mike Heidrich
8.Brent James (MOAB Racing)
9.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
10.Kaitlyn Benavides (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
11.Philip Benavides (Ride615 Development)
12.Kelly Kowalczyk (Team VO2)
13.Rob Corrigan
14.James Huff Jr (Silk Road Cycles/Hatchmap)
15.Noah Holcomb
16.Jared Holder (Ride615 Development)
17.Philip McCabe
18.Norman Carpenter (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
19.Adam Webb
20.Chris Beck (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
21.Patrick Holcomb
22.Tom Hammerle
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CX Masters
1.Paul Carter (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
2.Jeffrey Kauppi (MOAB Masters Racing)
3.Rick Harmon (MOAB shop CREW team)
4.John Gore
5.Brad Taylor (Journeymen Racing Multisport)
6.Brent James (MOAB Racing)
7.Thomas Gee (Lift Center Racing)
8.Robert Gregory (MOAB Masters Racing)
9.David Stewart (Southern Performance)
10.Kevin Hinson (MOAB Masters Racing)
11.Eddy Taylor
12.David Richardson (MOAB Racing)
13.David Perreault (Ride615 Development)
14.James Waller (Ride615 Development)
15.Tammy Richardson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
DNFMarshall Bassett (MOAB Masters Racing)
DNFChris Daffin (MOAB Masters Racing)
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CX Junior (9-18)
1.Noah Holcomb
2.Matthew Johnston
3.Keller McCabe
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CX Single Speed
1.Alistair Sponsel (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
2.Paul Gates (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
3.Justin Conolty
4.Philip Benavides (Ride615 Development)
5.Jared Holder (Ride615 Development)
6.David Perreault (Ride615 Development)
7.Rob Corrigan
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CX Women 1/2/3
1.Kaitlyn Benavides (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
2.Kelly Kowalczyk (Team VO2)
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CX Women 4/5
1.Gretchen McCabe
2.Guinevere Bennett (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
3.Jill Sanders (Ride615 Development)
4.Tammy Richardson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)

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