2017 TBRA Race Results

Music City Crits - Week #1
Nashville, TN
May 3, 2017

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Men Pro/1/2/3
Senior Men Category 3/4
Senior Men Category 4/5
Juniors (9-18)
Senior Women Category 1-5

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Men Pro/1/2/3
1.Jason Chatham (I Am Racing)
2.Joshua Lewis (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
3.Timothy Henry (Type One United)
4.David Koonce (MOAB Masters Racing)
5.David Howe (Hattie B's Racing)
6.Patrick Walle (I Am Racing)
7.Cayce Tiesler (MOAB Masters Racing)
8.Matt Schupp (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
9.Michaelee Bowes (Nashville Local Cycling)
10.Collin Tellechea (Amoroso's Racing Team)
11.Jeffrey Kauppi (Nashville Local Cycling)
12.andrew shankles (I Am Racing)
13.Rick Harris (Hattie B's Racing)
14.RL Hesson (I Am Racing)
15.Nathan Stone (I Am Racing)
16.Ian Umstead (Volharden/WRA Development)
17.joe grubbs (Hattie B's Racing)
18.Shannon Williams (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
19.Joshua Walliser (I Am Racing)
20.Paul Halupka (I Am Racing)
21.Dustin Antrican (Nashville Local Cycling)
22.Justin Lowe (Lift Center Racing)
23.Randall Hoffpauir (I Am Racing)
24.Chris Beck (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
25.David Richardson (I Am Racing)
26.Kevin Kremke (Bike Barn Texas)
27.John Carr (Hattie B's Racing)
28.James Buckingham (Hattie B's Racing)
29.Robert Gregory (MOAB Masters Racing)
DNFJameson Simms (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFZack Solomon (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
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Senior Men Category 3/4
1.Jeremiah Stoller (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.Paul Halupka (I Am Racing)
3.Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
4.Peter Young (Hattie B's Racing)
5.Kirk Gwaltney (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
6.Harrison Klapheke (Nashville Local Cycling)
7.Chase Porter (Nashville Local Cycling)
8.Tucker Carmichael (xXx Racing)
9.Randall Hoffpauir (I Am Racing)
10.Matthew Tyska (Nashville Local Cycling)
11.Jonathan Jenkins (MOAB shop CREW team)
12.James Buckingham (Hattie B's Racing)
13.Jameson Simms (Nashville Local Cycling)
14.William Goodson (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
15.Alan D'Alessandro (VELOSOPHY)
16.Zack Solomon (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
17.Ryan Burns
18.Philip Benavides (Ride615 Development)
19.Kevin Rarick (I Am Racing)
20.John Speight (I Am Racing)
21.Ivan Murdock (US Military Endurance Sports)
22.David Zopf (I Am Racing)
23.Jeffrey Barber (Nashville Local Cycling)
24.John Gore
25.Scott Marx (Hattie B's Racing)
26.Preston Gibson (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
27.Chris Beck (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
28.Marshall Bassett (MOAB Masters Racing)
29.Kevin Hinson (MOAB Masters Racing)
30.James Caperton
31.Seth Ruhling
32.Cooper Magli (Hattie B's Racing)
33.Jean-Paul McNeely
34.David Jones (Hattie B's Racing)
35.Don Fields (Hattie B's Racing)
36.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
37.RJ Danner (Nashville Local Cycling)
38.David Perreault (Ride615 Development)
39.Kenneth Wallace (Nashville Local Cycling)
40.Russell Workman
41.Leith McLeod
DNFStanley Fields
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Senior Men Category 4/5
1.Alan D'Alessandro (VELOSOPHY)
2.Ben Kirby (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
3.Harrison Klapheke (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.Sterling McBride
5.David Rush
6.William Goodson (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
7.Jason Taylor (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
8.Dennis Caskey (Nashville Local Cycling)
9.William MacDonald (Nashville Local Cycling)
10.Gabriel Scott (Cumberland Transit p/b 3 Bros Coffee)
11.Zachary Hedrick (Nashville Local Cycling)
12.David Jones (Hattie B's Racing)
13.Jimmy Shepard (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
14.RJ Danner (Nashville Local Cycling)
15.Ron Anderson (Nashville Local Cycling)
16.John Marr
17.Kurt Phifer (Hub Cycling-Caney Fork Racing)
18.Travis Collins (Ride615 Development)
19.Jeffrey Barber (Nashville Local Cycling)
20.James Mitchell (Mid South Racing)
21.Mike Long (Mid South Racing)
22.Seth Ruhling
23.Josh Conner
24.Jeffrey Perry (Mid South Racing)
25.David Zopf (I Am Racing)
26.Paul Renard (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
27.Jay McIntyre (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
28.Kevin Hipp (Hattie B's Racing)
29.Tate deLottinville (I Am Racing)
30.Chris Kelly
31.Nicholas Bullock (Nashville Local Cycling)
32.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
33.Michael Hull (Team Bikers Choice)
34.Charles Jones
35.Blake Roth (Nashville Local Cycling)
36.Taran Savioe
37.Brandon McKnight (Hattie B's Racing)
38.Gregory McCubbin
39.Preston Gibson (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
40.William Heath (Trace Bikes)
41.Ricco Rosini
42.Joshua East (Hub Cycling-Caney Fork Racing)
43.John Caldwell
44.Keyton Rush (Nashville Local Cycling)
45.Peyton Woodall (Nashville Local Cycling)
46.Nathan Sanders
47.Robert Dupuy (Ride615 Development)
48.Anderw Fulton (Ride615 Development)
49.Eric Renshaw
50.Russell Workman
51.Rick Chukas
DNPrafael ojeda (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
DNPBrandon Edinger (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNPEsteban Covarrubias
DNPLeith McLeod
DNPJohn Speight (I Am Racing)
DNPJames Caperton
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Juniors (9-18)
1.Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
2.William Goodson (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
3.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
4.Matthew Carr (Nashville Local Cycling)
5.Keyton Rush (Nashville Local Cycling)
6.Troy Fields
7.Wellington McKinney
8.Peyton Woodall (Nashville Local Cycling)
9.Makenna Reilly
10.Lucy Rutherford
11.Julian Azpeitia-Gonzalez
12.Ruth Giblin
13.Patience Stoller (Nashville Local Cycling)
14.Faith Stoller (Nashville Local Cycling)
15.Myles MacDonald (Nashville Local Cycling)
16.Devan Reilly
17.Jackson Lee
18.Maya Reilly
19.Ryan Lee
20.Matthew Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFGracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)
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Senior Women Category 1-5
1.Catherine Dewberry (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
2.Kailin Jones (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
3.Jena Cook (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.Paige Vinson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
5.Cali Ewing (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
6.Marsha Williams (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
7.Kristi Whitten (Team WE p/b Gran Fondo Cycles)
8.Bev Chalker (Mid South Racing)
9.Kathy Mead (Nashville Local Cycling)
10.Michelle Turner (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
11.Emma Bellamy (Team WE p/b Gran Fondo Cycles)
12.Lindsey Yokley (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
13.Maureen Sanderson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
14.Paulette Huertas (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
15.Chrysa Malosh (Nashville Local Cycling)
16.Tammy Richardson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)

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