2017 TBRA Race Results

Music City Crits - Week #5
Nashville, TN
Jun 7, 2017

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Men Pro/1/2/3
Senior Men Category 3/4
Senior Men Category 4/5
Juniors (9-18)
Senior Women Category 1-5

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Men Pro/1/2/3
1.Jason Chatham (I Am Racing)
2.Jacob Keough (Team Skyline)
3.Ross Martin (VELOSOPHY)
4.Matt Schupp (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
5.Michaelee Bowes (Nashville Local Cycling)
6.Rick Harris (Hattie B's Racing)
7.Nathan Stone (I Am Racing)
8.Gabriel Rojas (Lift Center Racing)
9.joe grubbs (Hattie B's Racing)
10.Brent Ferrell (Hattie B's Racing)
11.David Richardson (I Am Racing)
12.Joshua Lewis (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
13.Patrick Harkins (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
14.John Carr (Hattie B's Racing)
15.David Howe (Hattie B's Racing)
16.Patrick Walle (I Am Racing)
17.Dustin Greer (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
18.Justin Lowe (Lift Center Racing)
19.Randall Hoffpauir (I Am Racing)
20.Shannon Williams (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
21.Jesse Keough
22.Arvin Jansen (I Am Racing)
23.Don Fields (Hattie B's Racing)
24.Alistair Sponsel (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
25.Robert Gregory (MOAB Masters Racing)
26.James Buckingham (Hattie B's Racing)
27.Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
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Senior Men Category 3/4
1.Kirk Gwaltney (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
2.Peter Young (Hattie B's Racing)
3.Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
4.Gabriel Rojas (Lift Center Racing)
5.Carter Jackson (I Am Racing)
6.Tucker Carmichael (xXx Racing)
7.Randall Hoffpauir (I Am Racing)
8.James Buckingham (Hattie B's Racing)
9.edward mcclarty (G S Adams Avenue Bicycles)
10.Grant Wilson (True Performance Junior Development/ ...)
11.Zack Solomon (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
12.Kyle Dortch (Lift Center Racing)
13.David Zopf (I Am Racing)
14.Tate deLottinville (I Am Racing)
15.Zachary Hedrick (Nashville Local Cycling)
16.michael shipley (Lift Center Racing)
17.Don Fields (Hattie B's Racing)
18.Jonas Wood (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
19.Paul Carter (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
20.Jeffrey Barber (Nashville Local Cycling)
21.Chris Beck (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
22.William MacDonald (Nashville Local Cycling)
23.Ivan Murdock (US Military Endurance Sports)
24.Ryan Burns
25.William Goodson (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
26.David Jones (Hattie B's Racing)
27.Paul Renard (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
28.Tyler Porter (Lift Center Racing)
29.Brandon Edinger (Nashville Local Cycling)
30.Lee Clayton (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
31.Christian Madrid (Lift Center Racing)
32.RJ Danner (Nashville Local Cycling)
33.Cooper Magli (Hattie B's Racing)
34.Kenneth Wallace (Nashville Local Cycling)
35.David Perreault (Ride615 Development)
36.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
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Senior Men Category 4/5
1.Kirk Gwaltney (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
2.Grant Wilson (True Performance Junior Development/ ...)
3.Tate deLottinville (I Am Racing)
4.Kyle Dortch (Lift Center Racing)
5.Jay McIntyre (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
6.David Zopf (I Am Racing)
7.Ben Kirby (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
8.Steve Ehinger (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
9.Charles Jones
10.David Jones (Hattie B's Racing)
11.Paul Renard (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
12.Michael Hull (Team Bikers Choice)
13.Kurt Phifer (Hub Cycling-Caney Fork Racing)
14.Leith McLeod
15.Josh Conner
16.Brandon Edinger (Nashville Local Cycling)
17.RJ Danner (Nashville Local Cycling)
18.Peter Laskiewicz
19.James Mitchell (Mid South Racing)
20.Craig Battinelli (Nashville Local Cycling)
21.Travis Collins (Ride615 Development)
22.Gregory McCubbin (Cumberland Transit p/b 3 Bros Coffee)
23.John Caldwell
24.Nathan Sanders
25.Troy Fields
26.Blake Roth (Nashville Local Cycling)
27.Wellington McKinney
28.Robert Dupuy (Ride615 Development)
29.Robbie Cochrum
30.Jay Lowder (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
31.Rick Chukas
32.Zachary Lowe (Lift Center Racing)
33.Dwayne Hodgson
34.Tyler Porter (Lift Center Racing)
35.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
36.William MacDonald (Nashville Local Cycling)
37.Zachary Hedrick (Nashville Local Cycling)
38.Jeffrey Barber (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFEdward Elliott (Nashville Local Cycling)
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Juniors (9-18)
1.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
2.Gracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)
3.Makenna Reilly
4.Arvin Jansen (I Am Racing)
5.Wellington McKinney
6.William Goodson (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
7.Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
8.Hayden Zenor
9.Clara Earley
10.Ethan Butler
11.Ruth Giblin
12.Maya Reilly
13.Lucy Rutherford
14.Devan Reilly
15.Searcy Mooney
16.Trinity Waters You
17.Zachary Lowe (Lift Center Racing)
18.Camden Bert
19.Camden Reuthe
20.Darby Mooney
21.nolan long (Mid South Racing)
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Senior Women Category 1-5
1.Jessica Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.Kaitlyn Benavides (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
3.Morgan Miller (CTH Performance Project)
4.Jena Cook (Nashville Local Cycling)
5.Gracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)
6.Kailin Jones (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
7.Cali Ewing (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
8.Bev Chalker (Mid South Racing)
9.Michelle Turner (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
10.Marsha Williams (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
11.Paige Vinson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
12.Kathy Mead (Nashville Local Cycling)
13.Roxanna Fields
14.Lucy Rutherford
15.Maureen Sanderson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
16.Jo-Jo Jackson (Nashville Local Cycling)
17.Chrysa Malosh (Nashville Local Cycling)
18.Emma Tennent
19.Tammy Richardson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)

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