2017 TBRA Race Results

Music City Crits - Week #12
Nashville, TN
Aug 23, 2017

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Men Pro/1/2/3
Senior Men Category 3/4
Senior Men Category 4/5
Juniors (9-18)
Senior Women Category 1-5
Fat Tire

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Men Pro/1/2/3
1.Brent Ferrell (Hattie B's Racing)
2.Jason Chatham (I Am Racing)
3.Ross Martin (VELOSOPHY)
4.David Howe (Hattie B's Racing)
5.Michaelee Bowes (Nashville Local Cycling)
6.Matt Schupp (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
7.Nathan Stone (I Am Racing)
8.Dustin Greer (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
9.William Goodson (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
10.joe grubbs (Hattie B's Racing)
11.Rick Harris (Hattie B's Racing)
12.Shannon Williams (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
13.Alistair Sponsel (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
14.Jeffrey Kauppi (MOAB Masters Racing)
15.Joshua Lewis (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
16.James Buckingham (Hattie B's Racing)
17.Arvin Jansen (I Am Racing)
18.Randall Hoffpauir (I Am Racing)
19.John Carr (Hattie B's Racing)
20.Patrick Harkins (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
21.David Briggs (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
22.Robert Gregory (MOAB Masters Racing)
23.Paul Halupka (I Am Racing)
24.Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
25.Craig Evans (Hattie B's Racing)
26.Don Fields (Hattie B's Racing)
DNFMatthew Wright (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
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Senior Men Category 3/4
1.Peter Young (Hattie B's Racing)
2.James Buckingham (Hattie B's Racing)
3.David Rush (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.Zachary Hedrick (Nashville Local Cycling)
5.Paul Halupka (I Am Racing)
6.Brian Buerger
7.Craig Evans (Hattie B's Racing)
8.rafael ojeda (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
9.Micheal Hardin (Cumberland Transit p/b 3 Bros Coffee)
10.William Goodson (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
11.Grant Wilson (True Performance Junior Development/ ...)
12.michael shipley (Lift Center Racing)
13.Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
14.David Jones (Hattie B's Racing)
15.Christopher Baker (Lift Center Racing)
16.Scott Marx (Hattie B's Racing)
17.David Zopf (I Am Racing)
18.RJ Danner (Nashville Local Cycling)
19.Jimmy Shepard (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
20.Randall Hoffpauir (I Am Racing)
21.Marshall Bassett (MOAB Masters Racing)
22.Tate deLottinville (I Am Racing)
23.Brandon Edinger (Nashville Local Cycling)
24.Ivan Murdock (US Military Endurance Sports)
25.Ryan McClymonds (Nashville Local Cycling)
26.Paul Carter (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
27.Matthew Thompson (I Am Racing)
28.Kurt Phifer (Hub Cycling-Caney Fork Racing)
29.Don Fields (Hattie B's Racing)
30.Jean-Paul McNeely
31.John Gore
32.Christian Madrid (Lift Center Racing)
33.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
34.Kenneth Wallace (Nashville Local Cycling)
35.Blake Roth (Nashville Local Cycling)
36.David Perreault (Ride615 Development)
37.Josh Conner
38.Michael Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)
39.Ryan Burns
40.Harrison Klapheke (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFNicholas Bullock (Nashville Local Cycling)
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Senior Men Category 4/5
1.Peter Laskiewicz
2.Grant Wilson (True Performance Junior Development/ ...)
3.Jay McIntyre (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
4.Steve Ehinger (Rogue Racing - MOAB Bike Shop)
5.Christopher Baker (Lift Center Racing)
6.Kurt Phifer (Hub Cycling-Caney Fork Racing)
7.rafael ojeda (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
8.RJ Danner (Nashville Local Cycling)
9.James Mitchell (Mid South Racing)
10.Erick Kercheval (Nashville Local Cycling)
11.Kevin Hipp (Hattie B's Racing)
12.Ryan McClymonds (Nashville Local Cycling)
13.Brandon Edinger (Nashville Local Cycling)
14.Charles Jones (MOAB Racing)
15.Craig Battinelli (Nashville Local Cycling)
16.Nicholas Bullock (Nashville Local Cycling)
17.Jeffrey Perry (Mid South Racing)
18.David Rush (Nashville Local Cycling)
19.Gregory McCubbin (Cumberland Transit p/b 3 Bros Coffee)
20.Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
21.Chris Kelly
22.Blake Roth (Nashville Local Cycling)
23.Joshua East (Hub Cycling-Caney Fork Racing)
24.Adam Webb
25.Kerry Houston (Hub Cycling-Caney Fork Racing)
26.Bev Chalker (Mid South Racing)
27.Robbie Cochrum
28.William Heath (Trace Bikes)
29.Dwayne Hodgson
30.Michelle Turner (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
31.Jared Holder (Ride615 Development)
32.David Scott
33.Kira Schlesinger (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
34.Maureen Sanderson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
35.Kristen Beahm (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
36.Lindsey Yokley (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
37.Paulette Huertas (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
38.Harrison Klapheke (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFPeyton Woodall (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFKeyton Rush (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFRobert Dupuy (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
DNFRon Anderson (Nashville Local Cycling)
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Juniors (9-18)
1.Wellington McKinney
2.Ruth Giblin
3.Maya Reilly
4.Arvin Jansen (I Am Racing)
5.Myles MacDonald (Nashville Local Cycling)
6.Devan Reilly
7.Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
8.William Goodson (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
9.Matthew Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)
10.Miller Reardon
11.Makenna Reilly
12.Clara Earley
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Senior Women Category 1-5
1.Catherine Dewberry (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
2.Gracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)
3.Jessica Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.Kaitlyn Benavides (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
5.Bev Chalker (Mid South Racing)
6.Jena Cook (Nashville Local Cycling)
7.Makenna Reilly
8.Marsha Williams (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
9.Michelle Turner (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
10.Kailin Jones (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
11.Ruth Giblin
12.Sarah Moore (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
13.Skye Beaty (Hub Cycling-Caney Fork Racing)
14.Joleyn Smithing (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
15.Paige Vinson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
16.Lindsey Yokley (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
17.Lucy Rutherford
18.Jo-Jo Jackson (Nashville Local Cycling)
19.Maureen Sanderson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
20.Paulette Huertas (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
21.Kira Schlesinger (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
22.Beverly Frank (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
23.Kristen Beahm (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
DNFChrysa Malosh (Nashville Local Cycling)
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Fat Tire
1.Dustin Greer (Riverside Bicycle Racing)
2.Peter Young (Hattie B's Racing)
3.Craig Evans (Hattie B's Racing)
4.Arvin Jansen (I Am Racing)
5.William Goodson (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
6.Gracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)
7.Sarah Moore (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
8.Kaitlyn Benavides (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
9.Marsha Williams (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
10.Mary Helen Brown (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)

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