2017 TBRA Race Results

Montgomery Bell Winter MTB Time Trial Series - Month #1
White Bluff, TN
Jan 8, 2017

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Open (Men)
Masters 40+ (Combined)
Single Speed
Open (Women)

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Open (Men)
1.1:49:21Harrison Klapheke (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.1:50:49Dustin Burkeen (Wood -N- Wave)
3.1:53:26Matthew Slavick (True Performance Junior Development/ ...)
4.1:54:50Dustin Greer
5.1:55:36Jaron Wood (True Performance Junior Development/ ...)
6.1:55:53Alex Green (Team Mugshots)
7.1:56:57Craig O'Neil (MOAB Masters Racing)
8.1:57:25Grant Wilson (True Performance Junior Development/ ...)
9.2:00:18Cole Sheedy
10.2:01:24James Harmon (Wood -N- Wave)
11.2:03:25John Donnelly (Vandelay Industries)
12.2:03:38John Carr (Hattie B's Racing)
13.2:05:41Jeffrey Barber (Nashville Local Cycling)
14.2:07:54Barry Reed (Wood -N- Wave)
15.2:14:50Toby Fanning (Stanky Creek Cycling)
16.2:23:34Sean Barnes (MOAB Racing)
17.2:27:43William ( Drew) White (MOAB Racing)
18.2:31:39Dustin Brown (Wood -N- Wave)
19.2:36:11Kaleb Cosby (Wood -N- Wave)
20.2:36:38Austin Bischoff
21.2:46:56Edward Elliott (Nashville Local Cycling)
22.2:55:07Clay Austin (Wood -N- Wave)
DNFRodney Humes
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Masters 40+ (Combined)
1.1:48:57Cayce Tiesler (MOAB Masters Racing)
2.1:53:04Jeffrey Kauppi (Nashville Local Cycling)
3.1:54:59David Rush
4.1:56:05Scott Turner (Trace Bikes)
5.2:00:15Rick Harris (Hattie B's Racing)
6.2:01:06joe grubbs (Hattie B's Racing)
7.2:01:39Tim Baker (Team Bikers Choice)
8.2:03:07James Buckingham (Hattie B's Racing)
9.2:07:32William Morehead (Lift Center Racing)
10.2:11:37Jheremy Zetans
11.2:16:08Daniel Bir (Ride615 Development)
12.2:16:40roger brown (MOAB Racing)
13.2:17:07Butch Carter (MOAB Racing)
14.2:18:40Mark Horne (I Am Racing)
15.2:18:57Treg Warner
16.2:22:31Stephen Carr (Nashville Local Cycling)
17.2:25:37sean samber (Ride615 Development)
18.2:26:59Duane Leach (Columbia Cycling Club- Tennessee)
19.2:27:09Don King (I Am Racing)
20.2:28:09Robert White (MOAB Racing)
21.2:28:39Kenneth Marshall (Columbia Cycling Club- Tennessee)
22.2:29:07Marshall Bassett (MOAB Masters Racing)
23.2:38:29Dustin McGregor
24.2:42:44Don Gross (Nashville Local Cycling)
25.2:43:19Scott Chen (US Military Endurance Sports)
26.2:43:53David Moore
27.2:44:13Jeff Robinson
28.2:47:02Kevin Hinson (MOAB Masters Racing)
29.2:52:32Stanley Fields
30.2:54:43Mark Keranen (I Am Racing)
31.3:08:13Mike Long (Clarksville Velo)
32.3:32:17Graham Gerdeman
33.4:16:09Michael Taglio (MOAB Racing)
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1.2:30:10Matthew Carr (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.2:35:55Keyton Rush (Nashville Local Cycling)
3.2:54:33Henry (Daly) Daniel (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.3:04:35Troy Fields
5.3:30:55Hayden Wilcox (Nashville Local Cycling)
6.3:56:23Landon Coe
7.4:03:26Peyton Woodall (Nashville Local Cycling)
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Single Speed
1.1:53:03Tim Bell (Team Super Awesome)
2.1:56:22Scott Marx (Hattie B's Racing)
3.2:03:36Michael Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.2:10:31Greg Houston (Team Super Awesome)
5.2:49:03John Skinner (Wood -N- Wave)
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Open (Women)
1.2:27:37Sarah Moore (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
2.2:31:54Kayla Hammel (Dan's Comp Factory Racing)
3.2:37:11Jessica Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.2:43:56Jena Cook
5.2:49:10Abby Hill (Wood -N- Wave)
6.2:57:56Lindsey Yokley (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
7.3:02:23Christie Brinker (Wood -N- Wave)
8.3:05:10Dina Greer
9.3:08:24Lindsay Burkeen (Wood -N- Wave)
10.3:43:35Emma McVay
11.3:46:37Jessica Ratcliff (MOAB Racing)

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