2017 TBRA Race Results

Womans Clinic Rockabilly Revolution (includes Masters Women TN State Championship)
Medina, TN
Jul 15, 2017

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Junior Women (9-18)
Senior Women Category 1-5
Senior Women Category 4
Senior Women Category 5

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Junior Women (9-18)
1.Patience Stoller (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.Eleanor Israel
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Senior Women Category 1-5
1.Kirsten Sass (Team WE p/b Gran Fondo Cycles)
2.Leigh Ruston (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
3.maysoun geizer (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.Pamela Tate (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
5.Rebekah Roberts (Nashville Local Cycling)
6.Jessica Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)
7.Emily Strange (Mars Hill Cycling)
8.Kristi Whitten (Team WE p/b Gran Fondo Cycles)
9.Marda Kaiser Rehnelt (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
10.Wendy Fejfar (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
11.Michelle Turner (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
12.Marsha Williams (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
13.Sarah Moore (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
14.Bev Chalker (Mid South Racing)
15.Mary Haizlip (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
16.Sally Landham (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
17.Paige Vinson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
18.Maureen Sanderson (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
19.Eleanor Israel
20.Chrysa Malosh (Nashville Local Cycling)
21.Beverly Frank
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Senior Women Category 4
1.Michaela Hall (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.Sharon Deane (Hicks Orthodontics Women's Racing)
3.Tracy Coleman (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
4.Christina Henson (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
5.Cindy Clark (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
6.Allison Falin (Hicks Orthodontics Women's Racing)
7.Shannon Cook (Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team)
8.Patience Stoller (Nashville Local Cycling)
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Senior Women Category 5
1.Amie Miller (Eliel Factory Team)
2.Jodie Branum (Taco Mamacita)
3.Delinda Moore (Lift Center Racing)
4.Jamie Butler
5.Jo-Jo Jackson (Nashville Local Cycling)
6.Julie Dortch
7.Kira Schlesinger (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
8.Natalie Sturgeon
9.Tabitha Wendt
10.Paulette Huertas (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
11.Lynley Bernstein
12.Samantha Malecki (Taco Mamacita)
13.Megan Davis

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