2017 TBRA Race Results

Old Grey Barn p/b Privateer CX
Rocky Face, GA
Oct 21, 2017

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CX Pro/1/2/3
CX Cat 3/4
CX Cat 4 (4/5)
CX Cat 5
CX Masters 35+
CX Masters 45+/55+
CX Junior (9-18)
CX Single Speed
CX Women 1/2/3
CX Women 3/4/5
Mountain Bike

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CX Pro/1/2/3
1.Wesley Garland (Team Mission Source / NGCA)
2.Spencer Whittier (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
3.Jonathan Crain
4.Stewart Miller (Six26 Cycling)
5.William Seitz (Team Mission Source / NGCA)
6.Eric Palacio (L5Flyers Cycling Team)
7.Blake Wilson (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P)
8.John Carr (Hattie B's Racing)
9.Zachary Holmes
10.Gareth Miller (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
11.Cody Wallis (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
12.Adam Newsom
DNFJustin Sackett
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CX Cat 3/4
1.Murphy Davis (Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta)
2.Jared Beck
3.Christopher Adams (Rogue Velo Racing)
4.Dustin Weida (BPC Cycling)
5.tony blansit
6.Brent James (MOAB Racing)
7.Philip Benavides (Ride615 Development)
8.Jim Farmer (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
9.Brice Johnston
10.Ross Davis
11.Cody Wallis (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
12.Davis Yarbrough
13.Thomas Knopp (Motor Mile Racing)
14.Mike Heidrich
15.Michael Lindsey
16.chris sterchi (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
17.Elizabeth Lee
18.John Carr (Hattie B's Racing)
19.Scott Koch (Harper Auto)
20.Adam Newsom
21.Andrew Beishline (Outback Bikes Racing)
22.Kevin Addams (Peachtree Bikes)
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CX Cat 4 (4/5)
1.tony blansit
2.Ross Davis
3.Philip Benavides (Ride615 Development)
4.Mike Heidrich
5.Michael Lindsey
6.Scott Koch (Harper Auto)
7.chris sterchi (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
8.Kevin Addams (Peachtree Bikes)
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CX Cat 5
1.Benjamin McIntosh
2.Justin Perry
3.Charles Haws
4.Kevin Grimes (Perimeter Roofing Racing)
5.Mitchell Enfinger
6.J Sroczynski (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
7.Raymond Little (Perimeter Roofing Racing)
8.Drew Ellis
9.Kyle Floyd
10.David Johnson
11.Troy Stewart
DNFBrian John
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CX Masters 35+
1.Barry Lucas (Knoxville Bicycle / Aubrey's Restaurants)
2.James Tudor (Peachtree Bikes)
3.Brent James (MOAB Racing)
4.Bill Hansen
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CX Masters 45+/55+
1.Chris Chotas (Litespeed-BMW)
2.James Tudor (Peachtree Bikes)
3.Peter Woodrow (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
4.Greg Bauer (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
5.Jim Farmer (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
6.Thomas Knopp (Motor Mile Racing)
7.Gregory Curl
8.Anthony Miller (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
9.Marshall Bassett (MOAB Masters Racing)
10.Paul Menzel
11.Mark Peet (Harper Auto)
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CX Junior (9-18)
1.Elizabeth May (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
2.Evan Curl
3.Baden Rogan (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
4.Nate Sterchi (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
5.Noah Sterchi (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
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CX Single Speed
1.Stewart Miller (Six26 Cycling)
2.Dustin Weida (BPC Cycling)
3.Christopher Adams (Rogue Velo Racing)
4.Kyle Campbell
5.Charles Clark
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CX Women 1/2/3
1.Molly Russell
2.Elizabeth Lee
3.Kelly Kowalczyk (Team VO2)
4.Michelle Adams (Rogue Velo Racing)
5.Ali Whittier (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga)
6.Victoria Williams (Lionhearts Junior Racing)
DNFKaitlyn Benavides (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
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CX Women 3/4/5
1.Kaitlyn Benavides (Team Belladium p/b Red Kite)
2.Elizabeth May (Frazier Cycling Juniors)
3.Isabella Nguy (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P)
4.Tina Locklear
5.Marsha Williams (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project)
6.Stephanie Rynas (Taco Mamacita)
7.Amie Miller (Eliel Factory Team)
8.Jodie Branum (Taco Mamacita)
DNFBrittney Carnell
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Mountain Bike
1.Benjamin McIntosh
2.Roger Pierce
3.Shane Downey

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