2017 TBRA Race Results

Alabama Wheelmen Race Weekend - Smart GMP Solutions TT
Huntsville, AL
Aug 12, 2017

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Men Pro/1/2/3
Senior Men Category 3/4
Senior Men Category 4/5
Senior Men Category 5
Masters 40/50/60
Masters Men 35+/45+
Juniors (9-18)
Senior Women Category 1-3
Senior Women Category 4/5

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Men Pro/1/2/3
1.13:16Michael Olheiser (Infinity Cycling Team)
2.13:41Emanuel Mini (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
3.13:43Timothy Killelea (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.13:51Davis Adams (Infinity Cycling Team)
5.13:53John Hart (Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling))
6.13:54Logan Phippen (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
7.14:03Michaelee Bowes (Nashville Local Cycling)
8.14:19Matthew Robbins (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
9.14:24Fausto Crapiz (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
10.14:31Thomas Brown (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
11.14:35Ulugbek Saidov (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
12.14:51Nathan Spence (SH!FT Racing p/b St. Vincent's Ortho ...)
13.14:59Dmitry Ponkratov (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
14.15:19Caleb Aoake (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
15.15:31Justin McQuerry (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
16.15:32Oliver A Behringer (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
17.15:42Juan Gonzalez (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
18.16:09Drew Williams (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
19.17:15Preston Beasley (Borden Dental Racing p/b Spinning Sp ...)
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Senior Men Category 3/4
1.14:27Georg Pingen (Lift Center Racing)
2.14:38Benjamin Darling
3.14:43Scott Schlapman (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
4.15:13Todd Hollingsworth (Queen City Cycles)
5.15:33David LaChance (Blevins Bicycle Company)
6.15:36Caleb Bennett (I Am Racing)
7.15:47Artem Shmidt (Keenz Racing p/b Mission Source/NGCA)
8.15:55Nicholas McGuire
9.16:46Yukio Mariner (MOAB Racing)
10.17:15Preston Beasley (Borden Dental Racing p/b Spinning Sp ...)
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Senior Men Category 4/5
1.15:02Tate deLottinville (I Am Racing)
2.15:05Brandon Eubanks
3.15:05Sean Fagan (BPC Cycling)
4.15:08Paul Schwer (MOAB Racing)
5.16:01Joshua Krasnow
6.16:01Eric Applen (US Military Endurance Sports)
7.16:02Nathan Ford (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
8.16:03Hays Patrick (BPC Cycling)
9.16:08Adam Firrone (BPC Cycling)
10.16:13Lee Yarbro (Hub Cycling-Caney Fork Racing)
11.16:14James Caperton (MOAB Racing)
12.16:18Chris Key
13.18:08Lewis Ford (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
14.18:47Brian Reising
15.20:25Nick Wigginton (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
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Senior Men Category 5
1.16:18Chris Key
2.16:37Blake Kidd (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
3.16:58Hunter Enochs (Hub Cycling-Caney Fork Racing)
4.17:55Adam Allen (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
5.18:38Jose Zayas (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
6.18:58Mark Johnson (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
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Masters 40/50/60
1.14:55Chris Daffin (MOAB Masters Racing)
2.15:04Paskal Brooks (Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers)
3.15:05Sean Fagan (BPC Cycling)
4.15:18Timothy Taylor (Lift Center Racing)
5.15:23Shawn Hirt (MOAB Masters Racing)
6.15:33Jeff Lofgren (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
7.15:39Jorge Perera (Mid South Velo)
8.16:01Joshua Krasnow
9.16:04Thomas Gee (Lift Center Racing)
10.16:08Ivan Murdock (US Military Endurance Sports)
11.17:04James Dunn (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
12.17:16Al Harjes (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
13.17:24Norman Carpenter (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
14.17:45Kenneth Wallace (Nashville Local Cycling)
15.18:11Charles Koons (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
16.18:40Dennis Custer
17.22:39Wayne Harlan (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
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Masters Men 35+/45+
1.13:16Michael Olheiser (Infinity Cycling Team)
2.13:53John Hart (Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling))
3.14:00David Koonce (MOAB Masters Racing)
4.14:24Leon Andres Santamaria
5.14:35RL Hesson (I Am Racing)
6.14:58Jeffrey Kauppi (MOAB Masters Racing)
7.15:23Adam Pinkston (Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team)
8.15:44Christopher Cundiff (Infinity Cycling Team)
9.17:04James Dunn (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
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Juniors (9-18)
1.17:32Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)
2.19:45Jacob Pingen (Lift Center Racing)
3.20:06Joseph penley
4.22:27Madison Stofer
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Senior Women Category 1-3
1.15:52Jessica Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.16:58Karen Gauthier
3.17:10Gracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.18:15Karlie Carter (Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists)
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Senior Women Category 4/5
1.16:12Beth Lofgren (Taco Mamacita)
2.17:00Sarah Schlapman (Taco Mamacita)
3.18:08Melanie Singer (Taco Mamacita)
4.18:48Sally Chu (Taco Mamacita)
5.22:20Melissa Cundiff (Infinity Cycling Team)

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