2018 TBRA Race Results

Montgomery Bell Winter MTB Time Trial Series - Month #1
White Bluff, TN
Jan 7, 2018

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Open (Men)
Masters 40+ (Combined)
Masters 50+/60+ (Combined)
Junior Male 14 & Under
Junior 14 & Under Female
Junior Male 15 & Over
Single Speed
Open (Women)

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Open (Men)
1.1:40:46Harrison Klapheke (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.1:42:13Blair Miller
3.1:44:51John Donnelly
4.1:48:11Jeffrey Barber (Nashville Local Cycling)
5.1:50:08Jacob Zimmerman
6.1:51:29Dustin Greer (MOAB Racing)
7.1:52:20William Seitz (Team Mugshots)
8.1:52:41Jean-Paul McNeely
9.1:53:56Hunter Connell (Nashville Local Cycling)
10.1:57:57Will Stacey (Nashville Local Cycling)
11.2:00:05RL Hesson (I Am Racing)
12.2:01:01Mark Chubb
13.2:06:26Nicholas Bullock
14.2:06:55Sean Barnes (MOAB Racing)
15.2:10:32Matthew Carr (Nashville Local Cycling)
16.2:10:32Clay Burns
17.2:12:23Mason Wimberley (Nashville Local Cycling)
18.2:14:54Cody Goodman
19.2:18:26Terrance Boxx (Lift Center Racing)
20.2:18:56Luke Dover (True Performance Junior Development/ ...)
21.2:20:20Jackson Allen
22.2:21:25Evan Aliquo
23.2:25:05Charles Babcock
24.2:47:58Rusty Bethke
25.2:55:40Jared Holder (Ride615 Development)
DNFJoshua Darling (901 Racing)
DNFToby Fanning (Stanky Creek Cycling)
DNFConnor DeMoll
DNFSteven Murry
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Masters 40+ (Combined)
1.1:46:29David Rush
2.1:49:27joe grubbs (Hattie B's Racing)
3.1:55:36Chad Lirette
4.1:55:59David Farabaugh (Sonic Cycling)
5.1:57:23Patrick Harkins (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
6.1:57:23William Morehead (Lift Center Racing)
7.1:58:39Tracy Hackney
8.2:01:40Pat Stacey (Nashville Local Cycling)
9.2:02:22James Waller (Ride615 Development)
10.2:03:31Roger Brown (Trace Bikes)
11.2:06:06Michael Sanders
12.2:09:03John Gore
13.2:09:39Tim Moore (901 Racing)
14.2:10:01Roger Herbert
15.2:10:16Stephen Carr (Nashville Local Cycling)
16.2:15:50Stanley Fields
17.2:23:01Jimmy Lancaster (Mid South Racing)
18.2:25:30Troy Dover
19.2:26:44Matthew Tyska (Nashville Local Cycling)
20.2:36:35Justin Allen
21.2:49:40Michael Pounds
22.2:55:10Mike Long (Mid South Racing)
23.3:00:25Edward DeMoll
24.3:02:08Jason Mccoy
DNFCraig Battinelli (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFMax Fort
DNFStephen Smail
DNFTim Baker
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Masters 50+/60+ (Combined)
1.1:46:17Scott Turner (Trace Bikes)
2.1:53:05Rick Harmon (MOAB shop CREW team)
3.1:55:32Scott Boyd (Ride615 Development)
4.2:00:13Duane Leach (Columbia Cycling Club- Tennessee)
5.2:05:18Sean Samber (Ride615 Development)
6.2:12:54Marshall Bassett (MOAB Masters Racing)
7.2:19:16Eddy Taylor
8.2:27:58Tim Hoeldtke
9.2:30:05Geoffrey Wile (Red Kite Bicycle Studio)
10.2:30:11David Moore
11.2:44:41Harris Gilbert
12.3:03:34Michael Taglio (MOAB Racing)
13.3:17:29Tim Van Cleve (Team MHB/Mac's Harpeth Bikes p/b TeamLog)
14.3:49:07Rodney Humes (Nashville Local Cycling)
DNFDavid Perreault (Ride615 Development)
DNFBernie Gallerani
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Junior Male 14 & Under
1.45:58AJ Stacey (Nashville Local Cycling)
2.46:47Julian Azpeitia
3.46:57Isaac Kirby
4.49:47Mac Wilson
5.53:25Will Hackney
6.1:07:39nolan long (Mid South Racing)
7.1:08:38Matthew Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)
8.1:09:46Luke Suggs (Nashville Local Cycling)
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Junior 14 & Under Female
1.48:20Presleigh Jennings (Wood -N- Wave)
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Junior Male 15 & Over
1.2:04:57Troy Fields
2.2:09:44Charlie Beck (Columbia Cycling Club- Tennessee)
3.2:20:27Hayden Connell (Nashville Local Cycling)
4.2:23:30Keyton Rush (Nashville Local Cycling)
5.2:29:15Landon Coe
6.2:29:51Watt Hackney (Nashville Local Cycling)
7.3:06:36Trace Schoebert
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Single Speed
1.1:44:24Scott Marx (Hattie B's Racing)
2.1:48:03Zdenek Fiebinger (Sonic Cycling)
3.1:48:41RJ Danner (Sonic Cycling)
4.1:51:03Jeffrey Kauppi (MOAB Masters Racing)
5.2:27:51korey keesee
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Open (Women)
1.2:10:13Laureen Coffelt (Los Locos)
2.2:15:56Jena Cook (Nashville Local Cycling)
3.2:47:01Caroline O'Neil
4.2:52:01Jessica Ratcliff (MOAB Racing)
5.2:54:18Dina Greer (Tennessee Women's Cycling Project p/b Em)

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