December 13, 2015


The TBRA Annual Meeting was held yesterday in Nashville, and elections were held for the 2016 TBRA Board of Directors.

The 2016 TBRA Board of Directors is:

President: Michael Edens

Vice-President: Tony Falin

Secretary: Kevin McGill

Treasurer: Cali Ewing

Director of Road Racing: Nathan Stone

Director of Mountain Bike Racing: Marsha Williams

Director of Cyclocross Racing: Jim Farmer

Director of Points: Bill Parsons

We welcome new board members Kevin McGill from Collierville, Cali Ewing and Marsha Williams from Nashville, and Jim Farmer from Chattanooga.

A special thanks go out to outgoing board members Rachel Hart, Shannon Mathis, Marshall Bassett, and Michael Long.

Minutes from the annual meeting are posted here.

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