2016 Music City Crit Series - Team Points Omnium

1.Nashville Local Cycling4523264084923575135224115195915635395693
2.I AM Racing p/b Escadrille 4872723573963703444833503613683344454567
3.Tennessee Women's Cycling Project p/b Cumberland Transit2852841351661922102553051892253483312925
4.Red Kite Bicycle Studio1741003401581611901961361822252232042289
5.Team WE140145100851402642481451381401451831873
6.Treehouse Racing1971251441981841341331041991521061641840
7.Team Belladium p/b Lane Motor Museum18118095145228180138951001971281301797
8.MOAB Racing17011215413215111796155102581081181473
9.Team Bikers Choice21696117981609072801139554921283
10.Riverside Bicycle Racing1046215050991343214093127148871226
11.Ride615 Development127884541631458868 7122101931
12.MOAB Masters Racing424555137686847860634528675
13.Frazier Cycling Juniors 50 50   508540 95370
14.Ride More Bicycles    3245455050223438316
15.US Military Endurance Sports 41922 2418225020222824253
16.xXx Racing24 2828 363236 34 22240
17.Cumberland Transit p/b 3 Bros Coffee36364454     142418226
18.MOAB shop CREW team 30   34323230 2632 216
19.Lift Center Racing     76 48   54178
20.Litespeed-BMW38 453   36 50  172
21.RAPHA CYCLING CLUB 50503022 4     156
22.Southern Performance22501070        152
23.Trace Bikes161612243630      134
24.Clarksville Velo 222266        110
25.Hicks Orthodontics Women's Racing 5045         95
26.G S Adams Avenue Bicycles  21 26  14 12 1891
27.Team Upland Brewing 26  28 8143    79
28.Sonic Boom Racing Team        66   66
29.Nashbar Cycling Club           5252
30.Village VW p/b Erlanger Sports Medicine   52        52
31.Micro Metals/Bike Zoo        45   45
32.Sonic Cycling   22  1  10 1245
33.Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team 40          40
34.Frazier Cycling       39    39
35.True Performance Junior Development/PB EddieFerrell.com   34        34
36.Texas A & M University           3030
37.CoreTechs Cycling TwT18           18
  Nashville Local Cycling (Nashville, TN)

I AM Racing p/b Escadrille  (Nashville, TN)

Tennessee Women's Cycling Project p/b Cumberland Transit (Nashville, TN)

Red Kite Bicycle Studio (Nashville, TN)

Team WE (Nashville, TN)

Treehouse Racing (Nashville , TN)

Team Belladium p/b Lane Motor Museum (Nashville, TN)

MOAB Racing (Franklin, TN)

Please support our race sponsors because they support you!

Nashville Local Cycling   New Belgium Brewery   The Bikers Choice (Hendersonville, TN)   Cumberland Transit (Nashville TN)   Martindale Cycling Components
Red Kite Bicycle Studio (Nashville, TN)   R.B.s Cyclery   Gran Fondo Cycles (Nashville, TN)   Trail & Fitness   MOAB (Murfreesboro Outdoor and Bicycle)
Trace Bikes   GCA Technology Services   Smoothie King   Wilson Group Real Estate - Nathan Stone   Eastside Cycles (Nashville, TN)
Angela Lee Studio   Arbonne International   Swiftwick Performance Socks   TN Womens Cycling Project

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