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TBRA Membership

New to TBRA in 2022 is the opportunity to join the association as a Member. Your membership supports all local racing and assists TBRA in putting on a series for years to come. Get more connected with your local racing scene and influence the racing landscape by being a Member.

What does Membership mean for you?

  • Support local racing and the racing landscape

  • Voting rights in all Board leadership and Series changes

  • An assigned TBRA-branded set of fabric race numbers or mtb number plate for the entire season

TBRA Road and Cyclocross Number 2022
TBRA MTB Number Plate 2022

How can you sign up and how much is it?

  • A single membership is $25. A combined Road/CX and MTB membership is $30.

  • Go to the bikereg HERE and sign up

bikereg logo glow.png


Can I still race without a membership?

Absolutely! This membership is an added bonus and entirely voluntary. 

Will I still earn TBAR points without a TBRA membership?

Yes, for 2022 Road and MTB you can still compete in the TBAR series competition without a TBRA membership.

How long does my membership last?

From the day you purchase until the end of that racing season.

Do I need an active USA Cycling license to become a member?

Yes, in order to register for a membership/series category, you will need an active USAC racing license.

Can I change the category that I originally registered for?

Sure, send us a message over on our Contact Us page.

How do I pickup my numbers or number plate?

Pick up for numbers or number plates will be at their respective discipline events. Fabric numbers at Road or Cyclocross and plates at Mountain Bike events. In rare cases, numbers can be mailed to you.

Does my membership apply in every discipline?

Yes. However, if you are mixing Road+Cx with Mountain Bike, there will be a $5 surcharge for the additional number plate and Vice Versa for Mountain Bike with Road+CX for a total of $30.

Can I use my numbers or number plates at every TBRA event?

TBRA-branded numbers will be applicable at all participating events. In the case that an event uses their own custom number, you will need to use the number provided by the event. 

What if I lose my numbers?

Pin them to your skin and you won't lose them. Replacement numbers can be purchased for $5. Contact us and we can work out the details.


Can I choose my number/s?
For 2022, you will not have the option to choose your number. 

Have more questions? We'd be glad to help. Head over to our Contact Us page and send us a message.

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