TBRA Point Series

Each season TBRA offers BAR (best area rider) point-series competitions for individuals in the road, mountain bike, and cyclocross disciplines. These point-series are called the TBAR competition (Tennessee Best Area Rider), the TORBAR competition (Tennessee Off Road Best Area Rider), and CXBAR (Cyclocross Best Area Rider) respectively. In addition to the individual point-series competitions, TBRA offers team competitions for TBRA member clubs in the road and mountain disciplines.

TBRA Individual Competitions

Each category of competition is scored on an accumulated point system where the rider with the most accumulated points at the end of the season wins a BAR championship jersey.


For a complete explanation of the eligibility requirements and details of the series, review the rules for the TBAR, TORBAR, and CXBAR competitions listed in the Documents Of Interest.


TBRA Team Competitions

For 2021, there will only be one 'Team Of The Year' award, for mountain bike racing. There will be NO Road `Team Of the Year award.


The competition will be scored on an accumulated points system with the team with the most points winning 'Team Of The Year'. Scoring and details are outlined in the 2021 TOBAR Point Series Rules.

The TBAR Team Of The Year competitions can only be awarded to TBRA clubs/teams in good standing with TBRA.

CX Series Rules